Modern Contemporary Curtain Rods Ideas


Contemporary curtain rods are important in featuring good quality of curtain fabric. Modern curtain rods feature elegance and sleekness with decorative knobs. You can choose one that compliments any furniture and decor type. In how to make curtain rods with modern contemporary designs, accurate measurement is certainly important. There are materials usable like steel, PVC, aluminum and wood that optional according to your own preferences. There are also various decorative knobs and ornaments to complete the modern designs of curtains. Creative and crafty ideas like using kitchen hooks as holders for the curtain rod will be just great. Screw them in the side or above of the windows.

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Types of curtain rods are also optional according to your personal taste and budget affordability. Buying or making the curtain rods can be very interesting in featuring good quality of window treatment. You should first of all to get to know about what type of curtain rods to pour into your windows. Just like I said that you better to mind about harmonious decor to overall room where the curtains and the rods are for optimal values.

Cafe rods – They can simply be used with or without rings. These are used for hand-drawn curtains generally or tie-tab curtains. You can find them available in several different finishes. Wide curtain rods – They are used mainly for bay and corner windows since the corner connectors are suitable for this window type. Sash rods – They are often used for stretched door curtains and to allow the curtains to more closely hang to the glass surface. You can simply attach them at both top and bottom. Narrow curtain rods – They are often used for the sheer fabric curtain. It is recommended to choose a clear or translucent rod.

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